"Part of me suspects that I am a loser, the other part of me thinks I am God almighty." -John Lennon

I'm Leigh. I am from Colorado, I love theater, music (especially live music, I am a concert junkie), books, movies, being outside in the sun more than most things, and the people in my life are very important to me.

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When will you learn there isn't a word for everything?

spread too thin and feeling hollow. 

27. July 2014

you were always the one. my dream kitty. i thank the universe for bringing you to me… us. i am so so sorry it has to be this way. no matter how the cards fall it is unfair to you and i am sorry for that. you are always going to be my baby. you are SO much more than a kitty to me my love- you are hilarious, adventurous, so sweet and affectionate, and your troublesome antics made me laugh way more than they made me mad. may you always be curious. there will never be a day when i don’t miss or think about you. i’m not sure any goodbye has ever hurt this much. goodbyes are my least favorite things, and you are my favorite thing which is why this just seems cruel. i promise we will play again some day. and i will smother you with kisses until you make your sweet little cry that you are ready to bounce between playthings some more. i loved waking up to you squishing your face into mine today. it’s like you knew, and you were like “wake up we have lots of playing to do!” you have been purring louder than a motor boat all day and won’t let me out of your sight and it melts my heart. i wish i could take you on my travels with me, that we could move to a new place together. but your little spirit will be with my on all my adventures.

today is going to be so so hard. i’ve been a wreck the past few days just thinking about it. right now you are conked out next to me in one of your cute upside down positions, still purring. i know he will take care of you, and i am doing this because i truly feel it is what is best for you, even though it breaks my heart. i love you my sweet baby girl. i love you, i love you. 

"i’ll love you forever, 

i’ll like you for always, 

as long as i’m living

my baby you’ll be”

p.s. fezzy misses you tons. 

27. July 2014